Deal 2 in 1 Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening Solution

2 in 1 Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening Solution

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2 in 1 Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening Solution

Brand New Technology in Teeth Whitening from The United States of America


If you desire a white teeth as white as wool, this 2 in 1 teeth whitening solution is all you need for yourself and every member of your family. The solution consist of...


1. Whitelight Dental Personal Oral Hygiene Care:

Advanced dental whitening teeth kit t is an amazing new system that incorporates light technology to whiten your teeth almost immediately. The unique, WhiteLight™ system is designed to be used at home and is very easy to use. The advance light combined with the specially formulated whitener gel, rapidly removes surface stains and penetrates deep to remove embedded stains caused by coffee, tea, fruit juice, smoking, aging, cola, and more. So, if you want a whiter smile right now, for a special event, or simply want a fast way to whiten your teeth, then go for this whitening device. 


2. Original Teeth Whitening Pen (has Patent)

Want a whiter, healthier, Superstar looking smile? Bright White whitening pen is the simplest and quickest way to whiten teeth and keep them white! It has fresh mint flavour and the pen is small, stylish and compact so can be kept in your handbag or pocket for convenience - use while traveling, in the office at home and more! A gel formula which applies instantly - fast and easy to use - just paint on, no bulky mouthtrays or messy strips required! Results can be seen in as little as 2 days, but for best results use for 7 days. Directions: Twist Gel onto brush applicator. Brush a thin layer on to teeth for about 10 minutes per session. Rinse.


  • Sparkling white teeth
  • Fresher breadth
  • Easy daily application, applies in seconds, can do it on the go
  • Eliminates stains caused by food, coffee, smoking, soda, etc.
  • Orthodontist and Dentist Recommended. 100% Safe


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