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How To Shop At Ileoja's Online Marketplace

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In this tutorial, we’re going to guide you on how to make purchases on online store. We’re going to split this simple task into different steps for easy understanding. But before then, let's have a quick summary of how to order for product on our website.

NB: Since our site now has a mobile version (for phone, smartphone, and tablet users), we deemed it necessary to have a different "how to order" tutorial for these set of users. Click here to access this special "how to order" tutorial.

A Quick Summary of How to Order For Products on Our Website (For Fast Guys)

  • Browse through the website and locate product(s) you want to buy.
  • Click on the product name or image for a detail description of the product.
  • On the product description page, click ‘Add to Cart’ button to add product to cart.
  • Browse and add as many product as you want to the shopping cart.
  • Click on “Shopping Cart” tab on top when you’re done adding products to the cart.
  • View and review the contents of your shopping cart.
  • Click on “Checkout” button below to move over to the checkout page.
  • As a new customer, complete the "Customer Information" area with your correct details.
  • As a returning customer, click on the link above to login with your email address and password.
  • On the "Delivery Method" section, select any of the available delivery methods (option available if any of the product(s) in your cart attracts shipping charge).
  • On the "Payment Method" section, select one of the available methods that suits you.
  • Check the “Terms & Conditions” box if you’re ok with it and click on “Proceed” button.
  • Follow the ensuing instructions to make payment and complete your order.
  • Once we confirm your payment, we'll kick into action to fulfill your order.
  • You will receive status updates concerning your order in your email box.

Now, let’s get down to a much detailed step-by-step guide on how to purchase products on our website below!

STEP ONE: Browse and Locate Products You Want to Buy and Add Them to Shopping Cart!

By default, the home page of Awufu ( has a number of products displayed on it, which we believe will be of interest to most visitors. But that is not all! You are provided with some tools to help you easily search and locate other products that are not listed on the home page.

You can use the Top and Sidebar navigation menu to browse through available product categories and sub-categories.

Similarly, you can use the site’s Search Box to search for products on Awufu store by typing in the keyword or phrase for the product you are looking for and hitting the “Enter” key on your device.

Awufu Home Page showing Top and Sidebar Menu and the Search Box.

Once you locate any product you’re interested in buying, simply click on the product image or name and you’ll be taken to the product’s description page where you find the product description and specification.

Product Description Page highlighting "Add to Cart" button and Product details tabs.

On the product description page, simply click on “Add to Cart” button beside the product image and the product will be added to your virtual shopping cart (a notice will appear to affirm this success).

Note: You can locate and add as many product as you want to buy from our online store to your virtual shopping cart.

STEP TWO: View and Review The Contents of Your Shopping Cart!

Once you’re done adding product(s) to your shopping cart, the next step is to view and review your shopping cart, ok?

Now, click on “Shopping Cart” tab on top of the top navigation menu to view your shopping cart contents and their prices.

Page Heading highlighting "Shopping Cart" tab link.

And just like in the real physical shop, you need to go through your shopping cart to see all the products you have there and also decide whether there is need for any adjustment.

Shopping Cart Page showing two products and highlighting some functions.

For example, you may like to increase or reduce the quantity of a product, or entirely delete an unwanted item from the cart. It’s really up to you. The screenshot above will really help you in any course of action you choose.

STEP THREE: Proceed to Checkout , Provide Necessary Details and Choose Payment Method!

Simply click on “Checkout” button at the bottom-right side of the shopping cart page to proceed to the checkout page once you're done with reviewing your cart. The Checkout page looks like what we have below.

Checkout page - highlighting various sections.

As a new customer, you have to register a new account on Awufu to be able to complete your shopping.

First, on the left side of the checkout page, you have the “Customer Information” section. Complete the form with your correct Delivery Information

(Note: The name and physical address provided at this stage is where Awufu is going to be sending any physical item(s) purchased on our website. So, try and provide a reachable physical address within Nigeria.)

Checkout page - a clear view of the Customer Information section for new customer.

On the other hand, if you’re a returning customer with an already registered customer account, simply click on “Returning customer should click here to login!” link and login with your email address and password (see image below).

Checkout page - Returning customer login form.

Once you login as a returning customer, your saved details will appear on the form. You can modify the current delivery address, or create a new delivery address if there is need for that (assuming you changed location since last time).

Checkout page - returning customer information after successful login.

Next, if you have a Coupon or Gift Voucher, simply enter it into the appropriate box and click the “Update” button below to update the price.

Checkout page - showing Coupon code and Gift Voucher code forms.

Next is to choose your Delivery Method! On the delivery section, you will see a list of available delivery options. Simply select one from the list and move over to the next section.

Checkout page - Delivery section showing available delivery methods and associated costs.

The next task is for you to choose the Payment Method with which you want to make payment for the items in your cart.

There are three payment options available for now.

Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit – Select this method if you want to make payment through online bank transfer (or other transfer means), or by depositing cash into our bank account directly.

Vogue Pay (Verve card, Naira Mastercard) – Select this method if you want to make payment with your Nigerian bank issued Debit card (ATM card). [NB: This method attracts gateway charges; and the maximum amount of transaction you can do on Awufu within 48 hours using this method is N100, 000]

Liberty Reserve $ - Select this method if you want to make payment in dollars ($) with Liberty Reserve.

Checkout page Payment Method section showing available payment methods.

After, check the Terms & Conditions box when you must have read and accepted Awufu’s Terms and Condition.

Lastly, click on “Proceed” button to go over to the next phase where you can now make payment depending on the payment method chosen by you.

  • If you chose Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit option, you’ll be provided with instructions on how to make payment plus details of our bank accounts. Payment instruction and our bank details will be sent to your email address as well.
  • If you chose Vogue Pay option, you’ll be taken to Vogue Pay website where you’ll be provided with instructions on how to make payment with your Debit card (ATM card).
  • If you chose Liberty Reserve $ option, you’ll be taken to Liberty Reserve website where you’ll be guided on how to make payment in dollars with your Liberty Reserve account.

** To help facilitate your order delivery, please do notify us by sending your payment details to: as soon as your payment is successful.

** Once we confirm your payment, we will process your order and dispatch the ordered item(s) to our shipping partners for onward delivery to your destination in Nigeria. Waybill details will be sent to you via SMS and Email.

** For downloadable products, once we confirm your payment, we'll activate your order and notify you via your email address so you can login into your account on our website and download.

Finally, I hope this tutorial will help you buy products on our website without difficulty.

If you have any problem along the way, please don't hesitate to let us know through our email address (, or use our contact form here.

You can equally leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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